The construction of a train station in Europe is slightly different from
those in the other parts of the world. In Europe, most train stations have
an open-system construction, which means a passenger will not have to
pass through any security or ticket checks before he/she boards the train.
Generally speaking, there are two systems of passenger departure management at the train


In the first system, which is followed in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the platform number is printed on the ticket. So, a passenger will not need to check the departure board at the train station to know about the platform number and he/she can go directly to the required platform.

In the second system, followed in France, Spain, Italy and Britain, the platform number is not printed on the ticket and the passengers will have to go to the train station and check the departure time on the departure board, just like at the airport. This will show them the platform number and time of the departure.

Here I would like to remind you that if you book the train ticket on the website You will get automatically all the departure board shown on your mobile phone. Here the screenshot.

Also you can check with the following links.

Let’s take an example with Italian railways.:

On the ticket, there is no information about the platform number.


Step One
to find the correct train station.  please be awared that in some cities, there are more than one train stations, so please first check the departure train station on your ticket and make sure that you are going to the right one.

Step Two
Find your departures on the departure board. It is normally shown on an LCD screen in the main train station. It is very easy to be found.

For example, the screen which is shown in the photo above is the departure board of Rome Central Stations. You can find the departure time, the train number and the number of platforms. Also, it shows you the main cities which your train shall pass by. If there is a delay, it will also be shown on the screen with a number like 5 or 15. That means the train is delayed for 5 minutes or 15 minutes.

Step Three
If you have already found your train and found the platform number, so the best way is to go to the platform 5 to 10 minutes before departure, so that you have enough time to look for your coach. The LED screens close to the door will show you the coach number. Seat number will be shown either on the backside of the chairs or beside the windows.


Now we take a close look and how to take a train in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

To take a train in the above countries is as easy as we take the metro in our country because there is no security check (baring few countries) and there is no checkpoint of the ticket. So you can go directly to your platform and wait for your train. When the train arrives, just get on the train without being checked for the ticket.
There are five steps to help you to find your platform.

Step One
Check the main train station, go to the station and you will find a lot of timetables which printed in yellow or white. In this timetable, one can check the Departure time in Yellow and Arrival time in White.


The departure plan is sorted by departure time. So it is easy to find your train.

Step Two
Also, you can check the departure board. In the main hall, there is always a departure information board which shows the infomration that on which platform, which train will depart.



Step three
Be aware of the number of the platform. Don’t go to the wrong platform. In most of the case, the platform will be divided into area A,B,C, D,E,F.

You can see, for example, as on the following LED screen on the platform. It shows that the train is from Cologne to Aachen. The train will be stopped from area B to area E, First class will be stopped at area B.


Step Four

On the platform, there are also lots of information which you can check about your train and especially it shows you how many trains will be arriving on this platform, which coach number will be stopped in which area.



Step Five

The LED screen above the seats is showing if this seat is reserved or not.
The train staff will control the ticket after the train started to move.
And here again, we would like to remind you that if you already booked your ticket on our website You can check your departure board when you click on the train station name which is showing on the confirmation of your ticket.


Below are the  links to check the departure boarding process at Frankfurt station.

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